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Pump Tube Identification Tips

From time to time we get calls asking us how to identify a Lincoln pump tube that has a lost or removed identification plate. The first step in proper identification is to determine if you are looking at Series II or Series III product. The most common way that we help identify this is through the bolt configuration that is used to attach the tube to the airmotor or hydraulic motor—Series II has a “rectangular” bolt pattern (center to center approx. 3” X 5”), and Series III has a more “square” pattern (center to center approx. 4” X 4”). The next best way is to identify the vintage of the airmotor itself by physical description. If you identify the proper series by airmotor number, you are one step closer to pump tube identification.

If all else fails, we have compiled a listing (copy attached) of all Lincoln pump plunger diameters to ease identification and speed up your service repair or replacement process. This listing includes plunger diameter for all tubes offered, the plunger part number, drum size (stub, 55 or 16 gallon), product dispensed-fluid (ball valve) or grease (shovel valve), and pump tube model number. Simply get the plunger rod to the up position and measure with a micrometer. Then just compare your findings to the “plunger diameters”listed on the chart.

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