Air Sentry and Whitemore

D-Series Breathers feature numerous models in a variety of sizes, all designed to satisfy the requirements of most stationary fluid management applications. The breathers provide application flexibility by using 100% silica gel for moisture adsorption, 100% activated carbon for fume and odor control or both, when necessary. The D-Series is constructed of industrial grade raw materials, tested to ensure a wide range of chemical compatibilities, and features high impact resistant ABS top and bottom caps. The clear acrylic tube makes it easy to inspect the condition of the color-changing silica gel from a distance. The silica gel turns from gold to dark green to visually indicate the adsorption of moisture and confirm the breather is getting the job done!
All D-Series models feature 2-micron solid particle filtration (one on the inlet and a second on the outlet) and are available with airflow ratings of 20 cfm.

Operating Temperature: -20°F (-29°C) to +200F (+93°C)
Stationary Applications - Oil Storage Tanks - Fluid Reservoirs - Transformers - Pumps - Gearboxes


With Puncture Seal HD, small punctures and bead leaks are a thing of the past. When a puncture or bead leak occurs, microscopic, nontoxic polymer strands suspended in a liquid solution race to the air leak, adhering to the sides of the opening and builds a long lasting solid plug, impervious to water, mud and snow. However, Puncture Seal HD stays in a liquid form and is distributed evenly over the entire inside surface of the tire.


Product- Puncture Seal HD
Type- Tire Sealant
Base material- Free-flowing tacky gel, Polymer

Crush-Bac is a solvent-free, two-part epoxy backing compound designed for backing liners and wear parts in crushers, grinding mills, and other heavy machinery used in mining and crushed aggregate operations. Crush-Bac is highly resistant to caustics, acids, oils, solvents, and other chemicals that might be introduced during milling operations. Coverage is 601 cubic inches (9,849 cubic cm) - 77% more volume than leading competitors, saving you time and money.

Smoothing Alignment Errors
Eliminating the Formation of Gaps between Backing and Liners or Support Structures
Void Filling
Vibration Reduction
Noise Dampening
Friction Elimination
Maximizing Equipment Efficiency and Prolonging Operational Life

Product- Whitmore® Crush-Bac™
Type- Two-Part Epoxy Backing Compound
Grade- Part 1 (Resin): 16,000 cP / Part 2 (Hardener): 12,000 cP
Packaging- KIT - Part 1 Resin - 2 GAL PAIL Part 2 Hardener - 3.5 GAL PAIL (22 lbs. net wt. (10 kgs. net wt.)

Excellent penetrant that loosens rusted or corroded nuts and boltsCitrus Select™
Citrus Select™ is a heavy-duty industrial / commercial cleaner and degreaser

Mechanics Thread Loosener
Fast-acting highly effective penetrating oil.

Medallion™ Penetrating Chain Oil
Medallion™ Penetrating Chain Oil is a multi-purpose, light lubricating oil.

Moly Dry Film Lubricant
Moly Dry Film Lubricant contains micro-fine MoS2 suspended in a liquid

Open Chain Lubricant
Open Chain Lubricant is a penetrating chain oil specifically designed for open chains.

Surtac® 2000
Whitmore Surtac 2000 is a “multiservice” lubricant for use on Dragline components.

Wire Rope Lubricant
Wire Rope Lubricant quickly penetrates to the core.



Caliber® 3M & Caliber® 5M
Caliber 3M is a series of extreme pressure lithium complex greases
Caliber® 460 M
Caliber 460 M is a robust, lithium complex grease
Caliber® Blue EP
Ideal for heavy earthmoving and industrial equipment.
Caliber® XR
The most robust, lithium-based, bearing grease in the Whitmore lineup.
Decathlon® Extreme
Decathlon Extreme is formulated to meet the exacting demands of gearboxes
Decathlon® F
Decathlon F synthetic oil is an extreme pressure lubricant
Drag Rope Lubricant HF
With extreme pressure and anti-wear additives combined
GearMate® 1000 ICT
MULTISERVICE OPEN GEAR LUBRICANT - GearMate® 1000 ICT is formulated for open gears
Legacy™ M
Nowhere is grease pumpability more important than on mining machines.
Matrix® EP & TK
HIGH-PERFORMANCE GREASE - Whitmore® Matrix® is a calcium sulfonate compound.
Novagard® is designed to lubricate anti-friction bearings and bushings.
Whitmore's work horse. This robust gear oil has been protecting gearboxes for ages.
Paragon™ Gold
The more difficult the application, the better Paragon Gold™ works.
Paragon™ Syn Blend (FKA GF 365 Series) SYNTHETIC BLEND GEAR OILS
Synthetic components allow these fluids to be more penetrating.
SurStik® 800
Designed using the latest technology in extreme pressure/antiwear chemicals
Surtac® 2000
Whitmore Surtac 2000 is a “multiservice” lubricant for use on Dragline components
WhitCam® is specifically designed to satisfy rigorous requirements.
WhitCam® Extreme
WhitCam® Extreme is formulated with anti-wear additives
WhitSlide® Extreme
WhitSlide® Extreme is intended for use on the slide boxes of Bucyrus
Wire Rope Lubricant
Wire Rope Lubricant quickly penetrates to the core.