Over the last 40 years we have developed expertise and even proprietary methods of lubrication for almost every industry including textiles, mining, pulp and paper, food processing, agriculture, construction and road building, steel and metal industries and manufacturing in general. Having a automatic lubrication system that’s not working properly can be worse that not having one at all because of the damage to the improperly served bearings. Let us make sure your systems are operating at 100%


Flat Rate Exchange Program

Lubromation offers flat exchange for some items…


Lubrication Systems

  • Single Line Parallel (injector type)

  • Single Line Series (divider valve type)

  • Dual line

  • Recirculating Oil

  • Air/Oil

  • Oil Mist

  • Resistive (Bijur, Lube, Showa type)

On-Site Installations and Repairs

Our factory trained personnel each have years of experience installing , servicing and maintaining your industrial lubrication, hydraulic or pneumatic systems. We install and repair all types of lubrication systems including the ones listed.

In-House Repairs and Rebuilds

We can repair your lubrication system components quickly and efficiently. No matter the brand or style. With our large inventory of parts for all major brands of pumps, hose reels, injectors, divider valves, timers and controllers, we normally get your repaired items back out to you in less that 3 days, of course if you are in a equipment down situation let us know and we can often provide same day turnaround. We stock repair parts for Lincoln, Balcrank, Farval, Alemite, Graco, Doughton, Aro, Madison-Kipp, Trabon, Dropsa and others so that we can quickly repair your items. We also have several loaner pumps on hand for our customers use during repair. Simply call us, tell us what pump or other component you are sending for repair and if it’s one we have a loaner for we will send one for your use while yours is being repaired.

System Surveys

Lubromation can provide your facility with a system survey to uncover many high and often hidden costs of machine downtime, lost personnel productivity, safety issues, and environmental issues sometimes associated with the current methods of lubrication, pneumatic and hydraulic systems operation.

What’s all that mean? It means after surveying your plant we can show you where you are spending money needlessly, where the waste is and just as importantly, what to do about it. You will know such things as what percentage of your compressor run time is caused by such avoidable factors such as leaks, blow down, improper regulator application, pressure drop and other factors and how these problems are easily remedied. Or a lubrication survey may uncover a lubricant misapplication which is causing high bearing , chain or other component failure rate. Often the solution is simple once the problems have been brought to light.