Installation Services

Lubromation specializes in the engineering and installation of automated lubrication systems. These systems range from a variety of standard greasing systems to oil lubrication system. Customers can impact their production and maintenance costs in a positive way by investing in an automated system. There are many benefits from these custom systems that not many people are aware of and that is why we pride ourselves with delivering educational material to our customers.

Single Line Series

Single Line Parallel

Dual Line

Recirculating Oil


Oil Mist



QuickLub System

QuickLub Systems can be used in a wide variety of applications to lubricate multiple points. They can be configured during installation to lubricate to a specific amount. Pumps have on board timing controls for pump run time.

Centromatic System

Centromatic Systems are the go to for harsh environments. These systems offer individual adjustment for lubrication amount per each point. They operate based on pressure and tend to be the customer preferred for quarry locations.

QuickLub Video

This video displays how the grease is pumped from the pump into the “main” divider valve. From the divider valve it is then dispensed to the secondary valves.

Installation Showcase

Below is a showcase of a few of our installations. Installation applications range from heavy equipment, portable equipment, pavers, industrial conveyors, rollers and any other application requiring lubrication.

Deere 210 Excavator With Hammer Pump

This installation was a QuickLub system with a secondary system to lubricate the hammer attachment. The hammer pump is initiated when hammer starts and also stops with the hammer. This ensure the hammer is being grease while in operation.

Deere 624 Loader

This installation was a QuickLub system on a Deere Loader. This loader consist of the "Double Z" front end. With a side mount pump lube techs can easily fill the reservoir of the pump.

LoadMaster Rear Loading Garbage Truck

This garbage truck has a QuickLub style system with an integrated push button in the cab. This allows the operator to manually initiate a cycle of the pump and also acts as a faulty indicator.

Deere 310 Articulating Truck

This installation consists of the QuickLub system with a P203 pump and SSV divider valves. Set to cycle once every 30 minutes to ensure the right amount of grease on a daily basis.

HD605 Haul Truck

This installation consists of the Centromatic system. Using the P653 pump with onboard controls. Grease is dispensed from the pump to the injectors. Once pressure is met the pump vents the pressure from the system and starts its pause timer until the next cycle is to be started.

Orsco Oil Unit

This was a custom fabrication of an Orsco oil lubrication system to grease a chain. Utilizing stainless steel tubing to withstand corrosion and wash-down environment. Systems like this can prolong life expectancy of parts in harsh environments and in constant use.